The Quirkz Handbook

The Quirkz Handbook of Self-Improvement for People Who Are Already Pretty Okay

You’re pretty okay. You’re not perfect, but you’ve got things together, more or less. Sure, some things could be better. Maybe most things, at least part of the time. But you’re not in a bad place, really. You could even slack off a bit and still be pretty okay, or at least simply okay. But maybe life doesn’t quite have the sparkle that you’re looking for, or things have gone a little flat, and you just want to shake things up, keep them interesting, maybe find another level. You don’t know what it is, but you’re certain, somewhere deep down, that there could be … well, more.

• See an excerpt: Introduction
• See an excerpt: Day 6 - Prune

The Quirkz Handbook is available in digital format on Amazon, and in print format from most major online retailers.

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