Stranger and Better

Finally, a novel written for both pun lovers and armchair philosophers, this book may also appeal to alumni of tiny Oberlin college, on whose campus [Editor's note: upon the campus of which] the events take place. Full of spoonerisms, gobs of leftist partisan bickering for the politically unsatiated throngs, a multilayered fractal narrative [Proofer’s note: do we need to define fractal?] guaranteed to make you feel smarter just for reading it [Legal note: guarantee not applicable outside the state of Ohio, or inside the state of confusion, whichever is lesser], plus an acid trip, just to keep things weird.
Besides those enthralling topics, Stranger and Better will resonate with anyone who has ever felt lost or out of place, or pondered the meaning of life. Appropriate for those who have ever had an unrequited crush, found true love, attended college, read a book, or simply made a friend.

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