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    1. I'm very pleased to announce that the July 2015 issue of our online book review magazine "Reviewer's Bookwatch" features a review of "The Eight-Bit Bard".

      Here is the review:

      Reviewer's Bookwatch: July 2015
      James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
      Midwest Book Review
      278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575

      Andy's Bookshelf

      The Eight-Bit Bard
      Aaron Rath
      4900 LaCross Rd., North Charleston, SC 29406
      9781514320778 $12.49 pbk / $5.00 Kindle

      Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a computer role-playing world, where the streets are divided into 10' x10' squares, and a pack of slavering monsters lurks inside every other house? The Eight-Bit Bard is a fantasy saga written especially for anyone who has ever loved a classic computer role-playing game. Though inspired by popular 80's RPGs such as the "Wizardry" and "Bard's Tale" series, The Eight-Bit Bard is not a licensed novel; it is a completely original story told from the perspective of a playable character, mysteriously transported to the realm of a (fictional) computer game called "Ballad of the Bard". Aric Endrew loves good songs, good drink, and adventures with his comrades-in-arms. He is one of the Phoenix Dragons, a stalwart group led by a paladin beholden to a mysterious, godlike force known only as the Player. But when a boss battle gone horribly wrong drains Aric of his hard-earned experience levels, the Phoenix Dragons eject him from their ranks. Discarded and despondent, Aric has literally nothing to live for, until a ragtag, suboptimally balanced band of neophyte adventurers in need of a leader rescues him from the brink of death. Can Aric apply what little skill and talent he has left to forge them into a fighting team? The story never takes itself too seriously; there are plenty of pun-laden names, gaming in-jokes, and tongue-in-cheek fantasy parodies, such as monsters called Feature Creeps, which endlessly summon one another while yelling "just one more!" Yet beneath the mirth lies a character-driven saga about fire-forged friendship, pushing one's limits, and the importance of stopping to question the very things one has taken for granted during the whole of one's existence. Although video game fans will especially enjoy The Eight-Bit Bard, connoisseurs of high, low, and middle fantasy will also be enraptured to the very end of the grand quest - and beyond! Highly recommended.

      Andy Jordan

      You have complete permission to utilize the review in any manner you deem useful for marketing and promotion.

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      Incidentally, although our bylaws prohibit accepting money from authors or publishers (in order to avoid any conflict of interest issues), we did amend it to allow authors and publishers who wanted to make a gesture of support and appreciation for what we try to do here at the Midwest Book Review in behalf of the small press community to donate postage stamps "for the cause". So if you'd like to send a check, money order, or PayPal contribution as a donation to our Midwest Book Review postage stamp fund, please feel free (but not obligated!).

      I look forward to your next new title.

      James A. Cox
      Midwest Book Review
      278 Orchard Drive
      Oregon, WI, 53575

    2. Thanks, Andy! I appreciate the kind words. This is my first official literary review (not counting Amazon comments). Very exciting. I shall be sure to keep your address on file for future works. Thanks again!

    3. Loved the 8 bit bard! Left an Amazon review and a note on a gaming forum I frequent:
      Looking forward to a sequel or similar treatment for sci-fi or wargames or whatever inspiration strikes. Keep up the good work!

    4. Thanks, Quadko! Kind words are fuel for authors. National Novel Writing Month ( is coming up, and I'm hoping to use it to make some good progress on my next project.