Aaron has a degree in physics from Oberlin College but has spent most of his adult life with computers in various capacities as a web developer, coder, graphic artist, tech support agent, and server admin. Over the years he has dabbled in more than thirty different jobs, including farm hand, dot-com vice president, carpenter's assistant, band manager, book editor, book store clerk, nuclear physicist, and video editor. Aaron has sold frisbees to dogs on the Internet, sold toys out of a guy's basement, and co-written a book about darts that he's pretty sure not a single person ever purchased or read.

He has moved more than thirty times, once threw a dart so that it pierced the tail end of another dart like Robin Hood, can hold his breath longer than four minutes, and one time dropped a penny that landed on edge and just stuck there without any apparent alien intervention.

Aaron enjoys disc golf, classic computer games, and brewing his own beer. He lives near scenic Durango, Colorado, with his wife and two children. He has published two novels: The Eight-Bit Bard (2015) and Chicagoland (2013). His third novel, Stranger and Better, is due out before the middle of 2017.

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