Friday, September 8, 2017

Koala's March - A Story of Pocky and Bad Translations

This is not my creation. It’s something from the internet a friend shared with me so long ago it’s not even on the internet anymore. I am doing my job to repost it, because it is in my top ten favorite poems of all time.

Koala’s march:
The flavor of strawberry, of Koala’s march
Do you know?
In the inside of Koala’s march
A part of chocolates tastes of its flavor of strawberry.
Eat it,
And you taste giant strawberry pocky.
Therefore, next time, part 2 (last time)
I wish you are looking forward to.
I have what it must say to you by all means.
The koala’s march, the flavor of strawberry,
Is not sold in Hokkaido regrettably.
The taste was written last time.
But its koala has eyebrow,
And you may feel tasteless.

Interesting addendum: I've loved this poem since about 1998. At the time, I thought the word "pocky" was a mistranslation, or a typo for "pocket" or something. Eventually I learned that pocky is an actual thing. Just this spring, in April 2017, I was in New York City and found pocky on the shelves of a convenience store. I bought some (strawberry, even), and it was delicious. Since then I've also had some chocolate pocky. I'm now a huge fan, both of the food and the poem.

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