Monday, July 6, 2015

My First Literary Reivew!

"The Eight-Bit Bard" just received its first literary review, from The Midwest Book Review. Right now I'm flip-flopping between being excited just to have a review at all, and being excited because it's universally positive and concludes "Highly recommended!"


  1. Learnt about this book from CRPG-Addict. (So buy him a beer if you ever meet him!). Will you be eventually available on other digital distribution platforms? I have a pile of Googleplay credits burning a hole in my pocket. When I read CRPG's review, the first thing I did was to check whether it was available on Google Play Books.
    Anyways, if you do appear there, count me in as a purchaser! (I'm not sure 1 person is justification enough to go to another distributor. I don't know these things. It'd involve me writing a book first. I signed a cheque once.. Not sure it's the same. Might be. )

  2. Hey, AD. I've definitely got a standing offer of a gimlet for the Addict if he ever ends up in my area. As for other digital versions, that's something I will look into, but I'm not sure of any details yet. At the initial release I committed to 90 days of exclusivity with Amazon to be in the Kindle Lending Library. Those 90 days will end in late August. DriveThruRPG was already on my list to investigate, so I can at least glance at Googleplay and see what it might take. Right now the best I can say is check back around Sept 1 for updates. Thanks.

  3. Awesome. Thanks for that. I might have to *Gasp* purchase it on Amazon. Main reason I was hoping as was, is because Aussie Dollar has tanked and with the existing credit you could say it's "Worth more" at the moment. :P Oh well. I'll keep an eye out. Keep writing.