From the moment Scott had himself duct-taped to the wall as a college prank, his fate was sealed. As a graduate with piles of debt and no practical skills other than being slightly famous on the internet, his options are limited. Not that he wants much: just a girlfriend, a nice mountain view, and to retire as a dot-com millionaire before his twenty-fifth birthday. What he gets instead is a string of increasingly calamitous first dates and an entry-level job doing web design in desolate Chicagoland suburbia. 

It's an inauspicious start, but Scott knows there's more adventure out there, even if he has to manufacture it himself. He will climb the tallest mountain (well, at least he'll drive to Colorado and go on a long hike), stop at nothing in his pursuit of fame or fortune (does being mentioned on a page-a-day calendar count?), and attempt what his best friend Moriarty says is the most impossible task of them all: picking up a waitress while she's on duty. 

Displaying tongue-twisting wordplay and confused, beer-soaked soul-searching, Chicagoland is part humorous and heartbreaking coming-of-age novel, part travelogue, and 100% gluten-free. (May contain assorted nuts.)

This book is available both in print and in Kindle format through Amazon.

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